Four Principles to get Higher Marks in Board Exams


  • Concepts
  • Rote Learning
  • Presentation
  • Speed

Board exams are completely different from the competitive exams. They test something different from what competitive exams test. Competitive exams will test, your conceptual knowledge, application of concepts; majorly based on your presence of mind. Whereas, Board exams are completely different. First, students have larger time duration to complete the exam. Hence, there is no hurry. A genuine speed of attempting questions will be ok. Board exams ask straight forward theoretical questions. Numerical don’t test the ingenuity, rather they are simple and they do not call for a very deep thought. Presentation is given the utmost importance.

Following five principles are worth noting:

  1. Concept
  2. Rote Learning
  3. Presentation
  4. Speed

The exams will, no doubt, ask concepts but superficial, numerical would be easy; definitely theory which is totally based on rote learning. Presentation is the most important part of Board Exams. If presentation is not right, or bad, or incomplete, if your handwriting is not good, or not legible, if diagrams are not clear, even if concept and theory is right, even if the answer of the numerical is right, even then, you wont get maximum marks. Presentation is most important. But better the presentation becomes, more time you need for completing the exam. This is the catch. Genuine speed is must for board exams.

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